Bet Smarter and Win

Bet Smarter & Win… In the World of the Four Legged lottery!

I want you to take a few moments and think about the following question.

Why do most punters lose?”

These thoughts arise from a small book I read over 20 years ago and the reason has never changed. Spend a few moments and write down why you think most punters lose. Some of the more common response would have been inexperience, poor selecting methods, one they all believe, bad luck, a poor staking plan, lack of discipline, indecision blah, blah, blah. All of the above factors are true, and more than likely everything you have written down is also true. You may be surprised there is only one reason why bettors lose in the long run. Keep reading this page and the reason why bettors lose will be revealed. Too many punters have absolutely false expectations of what is achievable through punting. No wonder so many punters get themselves into strife. I have heard hundreds of people make the same statement

“I just want to win a $100 a week”


“I have given up my job I would like to become a professional punter” just like I have,

They are all noble ideas but like most new things in life you need to go into this with your eyes wide open, very wide open. Punting, Lay Trading and Trading the Markets are very technical pursuits. Professionals spend their lifetimes reading, learning and experimenting. Punting is the science of mathematics, and if you don’t accept the fact then do not proceed any further. I cannot help you.

You must become proficient at the art of punting. You do this by reading and learning. It will take you some time and just like building a bridge, you would not start until you had the appropriate engineering qualifications, planning or experience. Punting is no different.

Your next step is to accept the reality of the risk involved in punting. Punting is not a get rich quick scheme that is often offered by so called computer programs and experts.

I do this to help people, the love of the game and I believe you can make a living from this if you are patient. I am not the world’s expert, just someone that has devoted my life to punting on Race Horses. I hope I can help by giving you great tips and articles, manually trading on the exchanges and finding and using good computer programs that will give you modest and profitable returns. I can never promise to make you a fortune, just help to supplement your income.

Just remember don’t suffer from,


The theory of value prices is not new one to a successful punter. But for too long the theory and practice of value had been the privilege of bookmakers. Now it is the punters turn to chase the value and play the bookmakers and betting exchangers at their own game. The value revolution has been upon us for some time. But finding the value is up to you…

My greatest influences in this game have been

Don Scott, The Legal Eagles, Tony Brassel, Malcolm Knowles and Warren Block, Phil Bull, Eric Connolly, Andrew Bewer, Fred Angles, Jack Shaw and the legendary Pittsburgh Phil, their books, articles and services.

Thank you gentlemen I would not be the punter I am without your help.

cheers Tim.