Dutch Betting Returns for 2017 Using RaceBiz Tipping Selections

What is Dutch Betting (Percentage Punting)?

How does this strategy, call Dutch Betting, work?  Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as picking three or four horses by throwing a dart (or a fork!) at the form guide or putting five dollars on each and hoping for the best.  Only races that are likely to give a return are the right races to bet in.  And, most importantly, the amount bet on each horse is calculated so that the same amount of profit is achieved should any of the horses win the race.  The strategy was first created by Al Capone’s accountant, “Dutchy” Schultz, hence its name.

Backing more than one horse per race significantly increases your chances of picking the winner.  In most races there are generally only 3 – 6 horses that have a good chance of winning, so why not look at them all?  This reduces the risk but also reduces the return, so, the basis then becomes making many small returns to consistently build your bank.  The opposite of flat staking where the risk is significantly higher (as you are only backing one horse per race) but the returns are higher IF the one selection wins.

How to use RaceBiz Member Selections for Dutch Betting.

RaceBiz provide members selections that offer up to six horses per race with Assessed Odds and the amount to outlay to make a profit of $25 per race.  So, part of the work is done already, and what our members then need to do is look for the best value available and, if the assessed odds are under the tote then back each horse.  For example, looking at Race 9 Caulfield on 11 February 2017:

The total planned outlay for the race is $25, however, SILENT SEDITION has Assessed Odds at $4.00, and the tote is offering under $4.00 so no bet is placed.  For PRUSSIAN VIXEN, the Assessed Odds are $8.00 so the bet is $3.00, however, the tote is offering $20.60 so profit when this horse wins is $61.80.  Overlays like this are what give the strategy is overall profitability.

Don’t be seduced,  This is not a get rich quick scheme, and if that’s what you are looking for then stop reading now and go and buy a lotto ticket.  Following this strategy will give steady, regular profits, and to be successful will require patience and discipline.

RaceBiz Results for 2017 Show That Dutch Betting Works.

That was a really quick overview of the Dutch Betting Strategy and it can take a little time to get used to this style of betting and being consistent with the races.

The results from 2017 show that it does work, and it does generate a good return.  The numbers in the graphs are totals for each month from each results sheet published on the website and are based on $25 per race using Betfair as the platform.

The year started with a bang with January yielding $930 for the month, the middle of the year was not so great but by the time December was finished the bank had grown by $6890.  And these returns would have been even higher if the amount per race was increased as the bank grew.

Looking at each month:

So to answer the age old question:  How Do I Make Money From Punting?

Step 1:  Choose your Strategy.  In this case it’s Dutch Betting (Percentage Punting).

Step 2:  Be Patient when Punting.  Don’t bet on everything that moves.  Wait for the right races and the right horses.

Step 3:  Find Value.  Value is the most important thing in betting. Punters cannot remind themselves of this simple maxim too often. Any horse may have compelling form that indicates a strong winning chance, however, whether or not it is a good bet is determined by one thing only – the odds being offered.  This means finding horses where the assessed odds are under what is being offered in the market.  The RaceBiz selections do some of this work for you – all selection are offered with assessed odds and the amount to outlay for each horse to achieve a $25 return per race.  Use the calculation sheets on this website if a different return per race is required.

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