How to Read Results Updated Sept 2017

The results sheet published on the web site shows the outcomes for the tipping selections for ALL memberships and daily packages.

Over the last twelve months the way the tips are provided has changed a little, and there have been new packages added.  Looking at each package in turn:

Starter Membership (One Day or Six Months Packages)

Tips are provided for one race meeting in Victoria and selected races from other race meetings throughout the country.  You will notice that the team do not always provide selections for every race. We are committed to providing value tips and selections, and subject to the horses’ form, race day conditions, and the type of race some races will be left out.

Generally there will be four to six selections per race with the top pick for the race at the head of the list.  Assessed odds are provided by the RaceBiz tipster together with a suggested outlay to win $25 per race based on Dutch Betting (Percentage Punting).  If a punter wants to outlay more per race, an easy way would be to multiply the suggested outlay by 2 or 3 or 4 to increase to $50, $75 or $100 per race.  For different amounts, please refer to the Punting Calculation Sheets on this website.

Options for these tips are to back one, two or more in a particular race. Win and place bets, and dutch betting (Backing several selections in a race so that no matter which horse wins, the returns are profitable) can also be considered. Boxed Quinella, Trifectas and First Fours can also be put together using both the selections for each race.

Given that on most days there are 10 or 11 races tipped over up to four race meetings, members who prefer to only have two or three bets for the day have been asking: “How do I know which race to choose?”.  And, of course, for our team there are always races and horses that stand out above others.  To help with your choices the tipping selection sheet shows:

  • Races shaded in green.  These races are considered the better bets for the day and if there is no green shading, bet with caution.  Note that there may be more than one race per day, depending on the race meeting.
  • The prices that you see with each selection are a rated or assessed price. If the assessed price is 5-1 and your betting platform is offering 25-1 then you are getting exceptional value. Conversely if it is assessed at 3-1 and your betting platform is offering 2-1, then this is very poor value and is not a good bet.
  • A notation of M/O next to a horse’s name.  When you see this, it means that mid-morning (when the tipping selections are being finalised), that large bets have been placed across various betting platforms.  Note that RaceBiz tend to use Betfair.
  • If there is * after the horses name then the tipster favours this horse.
  • If there is ** after a horses name, then this is a good bet.
  • The best bet in the top left hand corner is the Tipster’s best one of the day.

Here is an example of what this package looks like: 24th September Sunday 2017 DAILY AND STARTER MEMBERSHIP

Where the horse ran will be recorded in the “PLACE” column, and the winning horse will be highlighted in yellow.  Dividends will be included for the winners to show the odds (using Betfair) and if the horse was a NO BET the tote odds will be shown to demonstrate that these were under what the tipster had assessed.

In the blue shaded line will be the first four horse numbers, and if RaceBiz tipped the Quinella, Trifecta or F4.

Total return for the day for the Dutch Betting strategy will be shown in the bottom right hand corner, highlighted in yellow.

Best Bets of the day outcomes will be included at the top of the page.

Quick Picks and Best Bets Membership (One Day or Six Month Packages)

This package offers three tips per race in five or six race meetings across Australia and New Zealand.  For each race meeting most of the card will be tipped.  Some races will be left out if it is considered that they are not good races to be betting in.   There is also one best bet for each race meeting.

There are no assessed odds provided with these tips and suggestions for using these them include:  Dutch Betting (you will need to determine your own odds), flat staking, boxed quinellas, boxed trifectas.

Here is an example of what this package looks like: 24th September Sunday 2017 QUICK PICKS SELECTIONS

For a win, the box with the three tips is highlighted in yellow, for Quinella in dark blue and Trifecta in red.  Alongside each race are the winning horse details and returns, again on Betfair.

Best Bets for each race will be highlighted in yellow for a win.

Total races, total wins and win percentage is recorded in the bottom right hand side of the page.

Super Bets Membership (includes the Quick Picks and Best Bets Selections) Six Month Package

Super Bets and Super, Super Bets are based on aggressive odds.  A Super Bet has a 5 to 9 point margin to the second rated horse in a field, and a Super, Super Bet has a 10 point plus margin to the second horse rated in the field.

Included is the rating (aggressive odds) and suggested outlay (based on the odds) to win $100 per race.  For example, RaceBiz rate the Super Bet horse at $1.80 then $55.00 is placed on to win.  If the tote odds are $3.90 then there is an overlay and the win will pay $214.50 return or $159.50 profit.

Here is an example of what this package looks like: 24th September Sunday 2017 SUPER BETS

All of the comments for the Quick Picks apply.  For winners in the Super Bets and Super, Super Bets winning horses will be highlighted in yellow and the return and profit calculated based on backing the horses at the aggressive odds to win $100 per race.  First Four and Trifecta selections will have a suggested amount and percentage return.  Winners will be highlighted in yellow with returns and profits calculated.

Professional Memberships (includes Starter plus Quick Picks and Best Bets) Six Month Package

In addition to the Starter and Quick Picks Package information, in the Exotics Selections there will be a one or two best boxed Trifectas and F4s plus on some days there will be Banker and Rover suggestions and Quadrella Selections.

Not shown on the selection or results sheets is the text information sent to Professional members.  Approximately 90 mins after the days tips are uploaded to the website, a text is sent listing out any races (not necessarily the ones tipped in the packages) where there is MONEY ON.  These are not tips with assessed odds, simply reporting money movements to help our members choose their bets.

Here is an example of what this package looks like: 24th September Sunday 2017 PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP

All the comments for Starter Membership and Quick Picks apply for this package.  And in the Exotics, any winning combinations will be highlighted in yellow with the horse numbers and returns.

So, what you want to see when you open up the results sheet is a sea of yellow!

Money Management

We also encourage all our members to work within their money management plan. Based on your available account decide what percentage to stake either per race, per race meeting or per day. Our suggestion is wager around 1% of your funds – bet within your means and build your bank slowly.  Remember, it is better to earn $100 from $1000, than $1000 from $100!


The RaceBiz team are here to help so if you have any questions about the tipping selections or how best to punt with the information, please call on 1300 RACEBIZ or send a message via the contact form.  Race Days can be hectic but we will get back to you as soon as possible.