How to Read Results


Racebiz PRO is a subscription package for tips and selections on Saturday’s racing plus selected public holidays.  It’s available as a monthly, quarterly or annually package.

A RaceBiz PRO subscription also gives members full Access to RaceBiz Accelerator (Quick Picks and Money Movers) on Wednesday, Friday (night meetings) and Sunday.


  • Friday (by 11am Brisbane time) the selection sheet with the chosen Rated Races selections is available in the member’s area in EXCEL spreadsheet format.  Every race is rated in full and this allows early review by the members and the ability to customise the selections by changing the prices. Expect six to eight races in this part of the package.
  • Friday night (approx 8pm Brisbane time) in RaceBiz PRO Facebook Group:
    • Exclusive membership (while a paying member: monthly, quarterly and annual subscribers.
    • Every rated race reviewed.
    • Early Saturday mail posted Friday nights.
    • Black bookers
    • Personal one-on-one partnership.
  • Saturday (by 11am Brisbane time) the finalised selection sheet is available in the member’s area.  Updates to the Rated Races after scratchings, plus Best Bets, Quaddies, Exotics, Quick Picks and late Money Mover information.  

The VALUE in this new sheet is the format with full assessed ratings per rated race.  The second part to add to the VALUE of the sheet is that punters will get early mark prices and can add their own tote or bookmaker prices into the sheet, plus punters can put in how much they wish to outlay per race.

The selection sheet always includes the capability to calculate your total out-lay based on ratings price and overlay to make a profit on the selection or selections you have chosen.  The sheet will also calculate whether or not a selection is a NO bet (no bet based on ratings compared with the tote price.)  At the end of each race and at the day there will be a calculation to show YOUR PROFIT too.

If punters are using Betfair SP (Starting Price) they will know their exact Profit after the percentage is taken out.  This selection sheet allows the punter to put on all their bets on at the start of racing and walk away.

Options for these tips are to back one, two or more in a particular race. Win and place bets, and dutch betting (Backing several selections in a race so that no matter which horse wins, the returns are profitable) can also be considered.

Given that on most days there are 8 to 10 races tipped over up to four race meetings, members who prefer to only have two or three bets for the day have been asking: “How do I know which race to choose?”.  And, of course, for our team there are always races and horses that stand out above others.  To help with your choices the tipping selection sheet shows:

  • The prices that you see with each selection are a rated or assessed price. If the assessed price is 5-1 and your betting platform is offering 25-1 then you are getting exceptional value. Conversely if it is assessed at 3-1 and your betting platform is offering 2-1, then this is very poor value and is not a good bet.
  • A notation of M/O next to a horse’s name.  When you see this, it means that mid-morning (when the tipping selections are being finalised), that large bets have been placed across various betting platforms.  Note that RaceBiz use Betfair and will quote their odds and prices.
  • If there is * after the horses name then the tipster favours this horse.
  • If there is ** after a horses name, then this is a good bet.
  • BB means that is a Black Booker that the team are following.
  • The best bet in the top left hand corner is the Tipster’s best one of the day.

Exotic Selections

In addition to the Assessed Odds Selections for some of these races there will also be included selections that can be used for QUINELLA, TRIFECTA and F4 betting.  For standouts, there maybe options provided for Banker or Rover suggestions.  Plus a Best Outsider for the race.

Quick Picks

These selections offer four tips per race in five or six race meetings across Australia and New Zealand.  For each race meeting most of the card will be tipped.  Some races will be left out if it is considered that they are not good races to be betting in.   There is also one best bet for each race meeting or several from one race meeting when it is a big carnival day.

There are no assessed odds provided with these tips and suggestions for using these them include:  Dutch Betting (you will need to determine your own odds), flat staking, quinellas, trifectas and First Fours.

Money Movers

This is information for any races where there is money movements and MONEY ON in the market that could affect the odds and possibly the punter’s decision whether to back the horse or not.  These are not tips with assessed odds, simply reporting money movements to help our members choose their bets.


What does the Results sheet look like (winners highlighted):

Information at the top of the sheet.

Rated Races (includes TRI, F4 and Best outsider).

Best Bets


Quick Picks

Money Movers


Daily package that includes Quick Picks and Money Movers as described above.

Money Management

We also encourage all our members to work within their money management plan. Based on your available account decide what percentage to stake either per race, per race meeting or per day. Our suggestion is wager around 1% of your funds – bet within your means and build your bank slowly.  Remember, it is better to earn $100 from $1000, than $1000 from $100!

Help and Strategy Advice for Punting

The RaceBiz team are here to help so if you have any questions about the tipping selections or how best to punt with the information, please call on 1300 RACEBIZ or send a message via the contact form.  Race Days can be hectic but we will get back to you as soon as possible.

RaceBiz Inside Track Workshop

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