Learning from Experience

If you’ve been punting for any length of time then there’s no doubt that at different stages along that journey you’ve taken stock of your activities and wished you could achieve better results.

However, it’s not enough to think and wish for better results in the future, you have to take deliberate action to make them happen.

Unless you’ve simply been on the end of a normally expected losing run with a winning strategy, achieving better results from your punting in the future requires change.


The first step forward is to learn from your experience. That means reflecting on what you’ve done in the past, learning from that experience and doing some things differently in the future.

Consider the following question:

“Do you have ten years punting experience? Or one year’s punting experience ten times over?”

The difference is incredible and very important to understand.

If you’re not reflecting on your behaviours, actions and decisions as a punter and purposely setting out to improve them, then you aren’t really gaining experience.

You are more likely repeating the same experience over and over with the behaviours that stop you from reaching your goals continuing to plague your punting game.

This may relate to the way you do the form, make betting decisions, manage your money, deal with positive or negative results and other aspects of your psychology.


If you haven’t been happy with your results and understand some of the weaknesses that contributed to those results, then don’t fall into the trap of repeating the same mistakes. Commit yourself to actively reflecting on your past experiences and learning from them. Implement changes to the areas of your game that need improvement and make the next 12 months a noticeable improvement on the last.

How can you do that?

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There is a full expansion of the ideas behind:

  1. Develop and COMMIT to a Strategy.
  2. Eliminate Impulse Bets.
  3. Follow a Consistent Betting/Money Management Approach.
  4. Make an Effort to Get Better Prices.
  5. Keep Records.

The RaceBiz team are available to offer advice and assistance for any of these five points, or other areas that you may feel that a change will improve your punting outcomes.  Contact us today on 1300 RACEBIZ or by email on the contact page.

Strategies Workshop

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