RaceBiz Accelerator Explained


Welcome to the New RaceBiz Accelerator.

This is to explain the information about the new package – launching 9 March 2019 – at just $9.95 per day which is incredible value.

It has two sections:

(1) RaceBiz Money Movers and (2) Quick Picks.

RaceBiz Accelerator with the Money Movers and the Quick Picks will be available every Wednesday, Saturday and selected Public Holidays around 11am – 11.30am QLD time after Scratching’s have been finalized.


Money Movers information is about where bigger bets have been placed on horses within selected races on that day. Horses with an * next to their number indicates they are carrying over half the money or more in that races betting pool, and other horses mentioned have an interest – they do not all win but the strike rate on average is very good. Here’s a summary of January results:

  • Nine tipping/race days in January 2019.
  • 180 Races with 111 winners = 60%
  • Metro Race Meetings – 156 races for 101 winners = 65%
  • Melbourne – 64 races for 39 winners = 61%
  • Sydney – 53 races for 36 winners = 68%
  • Brisbane – 39 races for 26 winners = 67%
  • Adelaide – 15 races for 9 winners = 60%
  • New Zealand – 1 race for 1 winner = 100%
  • On Saturdays – the average winning percentage is 60%
  • On Wednesdays and public holidays – the average winning percentage is 47%

These are not tips (tips can be purchased on the website https://racebiz.net/racebiz-memberships/ ).  What they are is a good indicator to help with your form and what direction the market is moving at that stage of betting. Results are also on the website.


Quick Picks are based on a rating and overall form – not on price, as you will see with some results. There are normally 6 race meetings with 4 selections per race.

To work out your bets, it really helps to match up the two lots of information up together to find reliable bets and where the shorter priced horse in the markets come into it.  Again, full results are on the website and to summarise for January 2019 with nine tipping days:

  • Tipped in 417 races for 271 winners (65%), 155 Quinellas (37%), 61 Trifectas (15%) and 25 F4 (6%).
  • Value winners included (Betfair Odds):  ENZO’S LAD $49.00, PLATEAU PEARL $36.00, DAM READY $36.20, ARROCHAR $28.00 and SWINGING SKIRT $26.00.

So, what is a good race and a bad race to bet in using the information out of the Quick Picks. First thing is to look at the fixed price early. If all 4 horses are around $4.00 making a profit is not possible.  For some it is not a good betting race so stay out and save your money for another race.  But if the horses has already had big market interest in the Money Movers, he could be a good single bet if you think it is at a good value price in your opinion.

If the four horses have a good price differential between each then you can Dutch Bet (percentage punt) them to your assessed price and make a profit.

The other scenario if you like Longshots is to check all the fixed odds prices on the selections and find horses paying over $20 to $25 in early markets and back them. There are normally about 5 to 6 on each tipping day. Good profits can be made this way also. Going back over the results will show what has happened in the past.

Another good way to use the Quick Picks is Quinella, Trifecta or F4. Either using one or two horses as a Banker or Rover then maybe adding one or two of your own selections to the bunch to increase your chances.

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Regards from Tim and the RaceBiz team.

Happy Punting!