RaceBiz PRO Selection Sheets Explained

Racebiz PRO is a subscription package for tips and selections on Saturday’s racing plus selected public holidays.  It’s available as a monthly, quarterly or annually package.

A RaceBiz PRO subscription also gives members full Access to RaceBiz Accelerator (Quick Picks and Money Movers) on Wednesday, Friday (night meetings) and Sunday.


  • Friday (by 11am Brisbane time) the selection sheet with the chosen Rated Races selections is available in the member’s area in EXCEL spreadsheet format.  Every race is rated in full and this allows early review by the members and the ability to customise the selections by changing the prices. Expect six to eight races in this part of the package.
  • Friday night (approx 8pm Brisbane time) in RaceBiz PRO Facebook Group:
    • Exclusive membership (while a paying member: monthly, quarterly and annual subscribers.
    • Every rated race reviewed.
    • Early Saturday mail posted Friday nights.
    • Black bookers
    • Personal one-on-one partnership.
  • Saturday (by 11am Brisbane time) the finalised selection sheet is available in the member’s area.  Updates to the Rated Races after scratchings, plus Best Bets, Quaddies, Exotics, Quick Picks and late Money Mover information.  

The VALUE in this new sheet is the format with full assessed ratings per rated race.  The second part to add to the VALUE of the sheet is that punters will get early mark prices and can add their own tote or bookmaker prices into the sheet, plus punters can put in how much they wish to outlay per race.

The selection sheet always includes the capability to calculate your total out-lay based on ratings price and overlay to make a profit on the selection or selections you have chosen.  The sheet will also calculate whether or not a selection is a NO bet (no bet based on ratings compared with the tote price.)  At the end of each race and at the day there will be a calculation to show YOUR PROFIT too.

If punters are using Betfair SP (Starting Price) they will know their exact Profit after the percentage is taken out.  This selection sheet allows the punter to put on all their bets on at the start of racing and walk away.


What does the Selection sheet look like and what is included:

Information at the top of the sheet.

Rated Races (includes TRI, F4 and Best outsider).

Best Bets


Quick Picks

Money Movers

These tips are all from Saturday 25 May 2019, and if you would like to see the results just follow this link:  https://racebiz.net/results/horse-racing-tipping-results-25-may-2019-racebiz-pro/

To become part of the RaceBiz team and be in the winning circle join now: https://racebiz.net/racebiz-memberships/

There’s a lot of information provided and lots of options for strategies, so if you have any questions or would like to discuss your strategy, please get in touch now on 1300 RACEBIZ.