What You Really Need to Know to Play the Horses

It’s not luck that wins a fortune.  It’s the application of shrewdness and hard work, plus making racing a BUSINESS and not a gambling uncertainty.  To be successful in any business means dedication and belief in yourself, and most of all hard work.

Part of this hard work is to study the markets and then have patience and know when to strike.  Punting on races is not so much blind guessing as it is applied study to the hundred and one details which are necessary to be successful.  Jockey, trainer, distance, class, track and more are all factors that need to be considered.

It’s common knowledge that there are times when you will be lucky for a moment and all punters experience this at times in their betting life.   However, the bulk of fortunes earned are from hard work and perseverance, and in this game, to be successful you should not only know the horses you follow but also the people that train and care for them, and those who ride them.

You don’t have to know all the horses but you need to know the right horses of better class and fitness, that are placed in the right race.

Punters that are sensible in other walks of life and business never seem to apply that logic to racing and the quick action and excitement seem to dazzle their minds.   And they forget to practice patience and wait for the right horse in the right race with the right jockey.

It would seem that most people playing the horses nowadays are losing, and we seldom hear about the few that are winning.  But with a little study those that are losing would be able to win. So, instead of just guessing and getting caught up in the action, we must learn how to apply a little study.  Let’s see if we can change that, and live up to the saying:

“Show me a man that can class horses correctly and I will show you a winner “

Cheers  Tim

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