Your Betting Questions Answered 4 AUGUST 2020

Tuesday Night Zoom Call

Join Tim as he shares insights from over 40 years experience in the racing game, on the RaceBiz “Your Betting Questions Answered” weekly zoom call.

Find out the answers to this week’s questions sent through before the meeting from the RaceBiz punting community:

1. If a punter has a small bank (as I do), what can they consider to build their bank?

2. I like to bet e/w so I am usually looking for a decent return on the place. Your thoughts on the pros and cons of this? Would you consider telling e/w punters to up-the-ante on a horse with a good place price that you consider good value?

3. Is place betting a good option?

4. Multis: what are your ideas regarding this type of betting?

5. Let’s talk about your bank. Meaning betting bank plus how to use it, percentage and types of staking.

Valuable insights and strategies that will help you become part of the winning circle when it comes to punting.

Tuesday nights 8pm AEST.


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