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Tim & Michelle - The Brains Behind RaceBiz

How it all started

My name’s Tim Wyatt and I’m the Tipster here at RaceBiz. I got involved in racing when I was 7. My best mate was a strapper for a stable at the time and he gave me the great line one day.

“Help me take a horse to the races on Saturday because it will WIN!”

My first tip and my first insight into the sport of kings. So we sold lemonade bottles, 100’s till we had 10 Shillings, and yes I’m getting on age and a lot of races have been run since then but I still have the enthusiasm of any 20-year-old in this game.

We took March Legend as he was called to the races, two 7-year-olds leading a 600kg horse to race, that would never happen in today’s times.

We ran around the betting yard yanking on people’s trousers trying to get a bet on, thanks to one gentleman helping us out, we did tell him to back it Ha-ha.

He won the race, with his Yellow and Red pinstriped silks flashing over the line. I remember it like it was yesterday. What a thrill, 10 Shillings turned to 4 pounds, my god I was rich. I went home clutching my two quid and gave it to my mum, in shock she said,

“where did you steal this from”

but when I told her what Danny and I had done the only reply I got was.

“Oh my god you are going to be just like your Grandfather”

At 7, money is the last thing on your mind until someone puts a great WAD of cash in your hand. What happened to the money is anyone’s guess but I was HOOKED! By the way, my Grandad was a loser at the Gee Gee’s.

Just for a little insight, March Legend end up being one of New Zealand’s great sires and he went on to win many more races

For the next 20 years it never really interested me again, until I meet a bunch of mates who loved a punt, I lost most weekends and the odd days during the week. But never lost the passion. One mate was a great form reader with no control, every race had a winner and he wanted to be on it. In racing that’s impossible.

Sick of losing, I decided to find out as much information about who was winning at the races, why they were winning and most of all how they were filling their pockets. The quest has never stopped, but losing has.

Two of my main things: hard work and a good money management plan. The second one. if you don’t have it give up now.

I don’t bet in every race, I Dutch Bet, on the Nose, I only punt on the gallops and I never chase when things are not going right. Because there is always another race the next day. Most of all I never listen to tips, I do it myself. I play Quinella, First4 and the odd Quaddie if I think I’m getting VALUE!

We started Racebiz because I had lots of people want my information, our program and help.

We just talk about punting with not too many after race articles, we are mainly about helping punters get better at the game. Bookmakers want losers, where I want you to be a winner more often than not.

I don’t win on every race but I find VALUE and have a good strike rate. I don’t win every day either, that’s where the money management comes in.

I may only tip on certain races but I show people how to follow the money trail. The tips are only my calculations, but when the money goes on, it reinforces the selections.  this information is in our members’ selections packages. It is all out there to be used but finding it is the next part.

I want people to go to the TAB or the Races not to lose their cash but to have a great time and go home with more than what they went with, may it be $100, $1000 or only $1.00 more.

Racing is my passion and I love it and I want you to love it too.

More work after a race will bring you more winners before a race.

So where do we start: read my articles and look at recent results. Consistency with finding winners, strategies for exotics or quick picks so that you can get 100% return for smaller outlays, Assessed Odds are all factors that will improve your profits at the end of the day.

I love to talk about punting, so, don’t wait, call me today on 1300 RACEBIZ to find out more about us, ask some questions, get some advice about strategies and just have a good old chat!

Happy Punting from RaceBiz!

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