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Racebiz tipping results are powered by proven strategies and a great track record.

The Inside Track

Three Simple Steps to Profitable Punting:

*Choose a Strategy that works for you*

*Practice patience and stick to your Strategy*

*Always look for value every time you place a bet*

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New Workshop dates have been released for BRISBANE.

7 APRIL 2019 - NEWBIES.  New to punting or haven't formed your strategies yet, then this is your workshop.

14 APRIL 2019 - STRATEGIES.  Know what you are doing but just missing the mark?  This workshop will refine your strategies and put you on the profit path.

Value, insights and personalised service.

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Whether you are a casual punter or a pro, RaceBiz offers you an experienced horse race tipping service, with winning results and individual service.  RaceBiz have proven strategies and will provide tips and information to deliver value bets.

Don’t spend hours trying to decipher the form let RaceBiz do the work for you so you can relax and enjoy your day on the punt.

Use our team’s expertise and let us spend the time analysing the form and watching race replays, so you can get your selections on Wednesday and Saturday, and start punting and winning straight away. Perfect for time poor punters.

RaceBiz Membership Packages include Assessed Odds, Exotics, Quick Picks and More.

Racebiz members selections have a ton of information.  There are up to twelve races on Saturdays and up to eight races on Wednesdays, with 3 to 5 selections per race.  Each horse has assessed odds as determined by the Racebiz tipster.

Included with these odds are the calculated amounts to back each horse for Dutch Betting or percentage punting strategy.  Amount to outlay is around $25 per race (or more if you like).

The information also includes past form and barrier draw plus two BEST BETS chosen from the selected races.

Quick Picks selections have four tips per race with no assessed odds across up to six race meetings on a Wednesday and Saturday.  Race Meeting chosen across Australia and New Zealand.   Also included: SIX BEST BETS from the day's race meetings.

Win rate percentage runs at around 65% with good results for Quinellas, Trifectas and F4.

Instead of spending hours trying to decipher the form let the RaceBiz team do the work for you so you can relax and enjoy your day and get the RaceBiz Membership Package of Assessed Odds, Exotics, Quaddies, Group Ratings, Quick Picks, Best Bets and Money Movers.


Exotics will be included for some but not all races and this will depend on the class of race and the pool.

For the selected races with Assessed Odds, if they are good races for exotics, then tips for Quinellas, Trifectas and F4 will also be included.  At times, these will include a banker or rover(s).

Quadrella selections for up to two races.  

Money Movers - these are not tips but information to show punters where the markets are going.    On Wednesday, this is provided about an hour after the tipping selections are posted in the members area.  For the weekend, early Money Mover information is provided on Friday night and updated on Saturday mornings.

Group Rating Selection sheet is based on class, distance, recent form, time form and weight rating.  The selection has a rated number not a price.

Do you like to get together with your mates regularly and have a punt? Do you like to go to the races regularly? Would you like some help choosing your bets? Do you want to be a profitable punter?  Then a RaceBiz membership with the full package of Assessed Odds, Exotics, Quaddies, Group Ratings, Quick Picks, Best Bets and Money Movers is for you.


Includes Money Movers and Quick Picks

Money Movers - these are not tips but information to show punters where the markets are going.    On Wednesday, this is provided about an hour after the tipping selections are posted in the members area.  For the weekend, early Money Mover information is provided on Friday night and updated on Saturday morning.

Quick Picks selections have four tips per race with no assessed odds, with up to six race meetings on a Wednesday and Saturday. 

Race Meetings chosen across Australia and New Zealand.

Average Win rate percentage runs at 65% with good results for Quinellas, Trifectas and F4.

So, are you heading to the races for the day and not sure who to back?  Do you like to have a punt at the pub with your mates but work and family commitments mean you don't get time on a regular basis?  Then you can just grab RaceBiz Accelerator for a day when needed.





41 winners from 62 races tipped 

Dutch Betting Return $273.10 based on outlay $25 per race and Betfair odds.

(eight tipping days)




February best value winner.

13 February 2019

Warwick Farm R1 H3 COSTELLO

$34.90 (Betfair odds)




253 winners from 384 races tipped.

Quick Picks selections also found  253 Quinellas, 65 Trifectas and 15 F4. 

(eight tipping days)

We analyse the results from every race meeting, see our track record for yourself

We are open, honest and transparent with our Selections and results. The team punt what we select and we are the team that will then provide you with a full analysis of the results showing your returns by following our strategies.

Nearly six months ago now, I saw a Facebook ad for RaceBiz.  Free tips available so I signed up for them. A $14 winner the first set, then a $16 winner with the second set!

Had a good look through the website and paid up for a six month membership. Best punting decision ever!

The info provided is clear and easy to follow. It's a little different to how I had bet in the past, but it's a better way! Just follow the tips as advised and consistent profits will follow. I haven't won every week, BUT I HAVE WON EVERY MONTH!!

The service is great too, with Tim & Michelle always there to answer any questions promptly if you need any help. I've been a member for nearly six months now and so happily  recommended RaceBiz.

If you're wondering "should I join", just do it. You won't regret it. I'm about to re-subscribe for another 6 months, and I look forward to this punting partnership continuing long into the profitabile future. Because:

A. I'm winning consistently.

B. It's easy if you just follow the tips.

C. The service is great when you need it.

D. It's very affordable.

What more could you ask for!

Peter Huxtable, QLD Member since August 2017.
0407 769 631

I have spent the majority of my life punting on the horses and apart from the odd winning day,mostly when a horse I owned won,I never could make money consistently.I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on systems and tipsters trying to crack the code in becoming a winning punter.The biggest hindrance to achieving this goal has been myself.Discipline is the key to success and it has only since finding Tim and Racebiz that I have come to appreciate this.Tim's hard work in finding winners through his Dutch betting system has been a revelation to me and understanding that we are always looking for value will ensure with discipline that we can indeed consistently be in the 5-10 % of winners.I have finally "Got It" and after a shaky beginning am now building a healthy punting bank.What separates Tim from the rest is his uncanny ability to find value,regularly Tim finds us horses he rates at $4-6 paying $20-30.Once you understand this you too will be on your way to success.

Allen Fletcher, Gold Coast, Member since Feb 2017.
0420 681 952

“I joined RaceBiz after a referral from a friend, best move ever, my betting account has sky rocketed with the help from Tim and RaceBiz, Thanks Tim keep those winners coming”

Jason - Safe and Sound Pest Control Gold Coast - 07 5529 0227

I joined RaceBiz in August 2016 and have been very happy with everything that Tim does and the great service I get.  And now I'm upgrading from the Metro to the Professional Membership to do more trifectas and F4s.  Thanks, Tim.

John Russell, LEANNES ON BERSEKER , 07 4926 7088

Since becoming a member of RaceBiz I have made a profit each and every Wednesday and Saturday.  You don't need a big bank behind you as it's only$25 per race.  Very clever the Dutch Betting system.  Keep up the good work Tim.  You are on fire.

James Brodie, GLEN ALPIN, QLD  0429 058 172

Just a short note about how pleased I was with the service from RaceBiz.  I found the service and friendly people a pleasure to deal with.  The tips and information given was always prompt and up to date.  The Dutch Betting System was interesting to follow and often paid big dividends.  I would have no problems recommending RaceBiz to others.

John Henry - member joined October 2016.  0417 500 587

May 2017: I've been following your Wednesday and Saturday tips for a few months now, sometimes I throw a few bob on each of the selections and sometimes I don't punt, but I always check and try and keep track of how they go!  Eventually when I can get the chance to dedicate a weekend to a beer and a punt I'd love to get one of your day packages.  I don't bet enough to subscribe per month but your quality work is appreciated.  I think it is fantastic you give out a few freebies.  Shows that you're in it for the sport not just profits.

Brodie (email subscriber)

" I was contacted by a friend of mine who told me about Racebiz, he was a member and provided me with Tim's free selections for that day.  2 out of the 3 won and I was in front by about $40.00. I am only a small bettor but it was a win. I then joined up and got a call a few days later from Tim to introduce himself. I then started to receive his betting tips and went to the website to look up  his Dutch Betting System.  I have followed it since although I misunderstood it a bit at first and rang Tim. Again he spent some time explaining the logic behind it. I have followed it since and am about 10 per cent in front in about two months. As Tim says if you want quick money then but a Lotto ticket.  With this every week will not be a winning week but keep on with it and most likely although not guaranteed you will be in front eventually. I am most keen to rejoin when my membership is due. Remember it is much better to get some good tips than guess at what is going to happen." 

LEON, NSW.  Joined September 2017

If you are half serious about betting with quality selections and ratings, in my opinion I would highly recommend Tim and Racebiz. Very professional and thorough approach, most importantly he provides consistent winners and winning results long term. "

GJC Brisbane - Joined October 2017.