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Meet Tim Wyatt


Meet Tim Wyatt, the tipping brain behind the RaceBiz PRO members selctions.  He had his first bet at the age of seven and with a wad of winnings in his hot little hand started his punting journey.

For the next 20 years he didn’t do a lot, until he met a bunch of mates who loved a punt.  He lost most weekends and the odd days during the week. But never lost the passion. One mate was a great form reader with no control, every race had a winner and he wanted to be on it. In racing that’s impossible.

Sick of losing, he decided to find out as much information about who was winning at the races, why they were winning and most of all how they were filling their pockets. The quest for understanding this has never stopped, but the losing has.

Two of his main things: hard work and a good money management plan. The second one, if you don’t a plan, he would suggest giving up now.

He doesn’t bet in every race, he uses Dutch Betting, on the Nose.  He only punts on the gallops and, absolutely, never chase when things are not going right. Because there is always another race the next day.

Where are you on your betting journey?

I’m fairly new to horse racing betting and want to LEARN more about the strategies, ideas and discipling I will need to adopt to consistently be a winner and be profitable in the long run.


I like to back one horse in a race and don’t have a lot of TIME to do the form so I need something SIMPLE that includes Best Bets and Best Value of the day.


I have been betting on horse racing for some time and like to use DIFFERENT BETTING OPTIONS such as Exotics, Parleys, Multis, Percentage Punting and more.  I have a strategy I follow but it could use some tweaking.



Winx-2017 queen elizabeth stakes

Can you make Money Betting on Horse Racing?

What has changed the whole horse racing industry has been the advent of the internet and the huge advances in technology that have ballooned online punting.  This has led to much more interest in the possibility of betting on horse racing as a way to create a consistent income stream.  In addition, the internet has given rise to a whole new breed of punter who uses data bases, spreadsheets and financial models to analyse the huge amount of information available.     Read More……


Horse Racing Junkies – 100% Real with RaceBiz.

Episode Three Recently Gary and I had the great pleasure of introducing our very first special guest, Geoff McMurray from Pedigree Power.  With thirty years of experience, Geoff’s speciality is using Pedigree analysis as an edge in pinpointing two year olds and unraced horses.

I picked up a few nuggets and I’m sure you will too.


What do our MEMBERS Say about us?

I’m not sure how I first came across RaceBiz, but I have been following their free tips for several years now.  I was surprised how approachable Tim and Michelle are and how much help they are willing to give, even to those only accessing the free tips. Over time their free tips have increased, purely at their prerogative, and Tim has also introduced Zoom meetings where we can all discuss punting.  I recently decided to sign up for the PRO and the info you get over a 5 day period is amazing.  I would recommend to any punter to join up (it’s free to get free tips) or like on FB.  And believe me, I’m not a big $ punter.  Remember that punting is always hit and miss.  No-one gets everything right every day.  Successful punting has its bad times.

I have spent a lot of time with Tim (text, phone, Zoom meets, and 1-on1) and I believe he just wants punters to beat the bookies!

I joined RaceBiz 12 months ago.  Michelle and Tim have created a system that will give consistent long term profits.  It is an easy to use system that will provide a punting experience that I believe is unique.

If you are an average punter and need help then this is the system for you.  Give it a try and you won’t regret it.


Nearly six months ago now, I saw a Facebook ad for RaceBiz.  Free tips available so I signed up for them.  A $14 winner the first set, then a $16 winner with the second set.

Had a good look through the website and paid up for a six month membership.  Best punting decision ever!

The info provided is clear and easy to follow.  It’s a little different to how I had bet in the past, but it’s a better way!  Just follow the tips as advised and consistent profits will follow.  I haven’t won every week, BUT I HAVE WON EVERY MONTH!

The service is great too, with Tim and Michelle always there to answer any questions promptly if you need any help.  I have been a member for nearly six months now and so happily recommend RaceBiz.

If you are wondering “should I join”, just do it.  You won’t regret it.  I’m about to resubscribe for another 6 months, and I look forward to this punting partnership continuing long into the future.  Because:

A.  I’m winning consistently.

B. It’s easy if you just follow the tips.

C. The service is great when you need it.

D. It’s very affordable.

What more could you ask for? 

Latest Results for RaceBiz PRO Members Selections.

Profit on Turnover


Cumulative Result from Launch on 15 October to end of December 2022

Details are:


BASED ON ONE UNIT = $100 Outlay $82,697.00



Both totals are reported as all RaceBiz results are based on Betfair Starting Price (SP) but RaceBiz SIGNAL members use a variety of platforms so the total before commission is also reported. 


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