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Racebiz tipping results are powered by proven strategies and a great track record.

The Inside Track

Three Simple Steps to Profitable Punting:

  • 1 Choose a Strategy that works for you
  • 2 Practice patience and stick to your Strategy
  • 3 Always look for value every time you place a bet


Whether you are a casual punter or a pro, RaceBiz offers you an experienced horse race tipping service, with winning results and individual service.   The team will show you how to find the WHY and this will lead you to the WINNERS. 

RaceBiz has proven strategies and will teach punters how to use their tips and information to deliver value bets.

Don’t spend hours trying to decipher the form.  Let RaceBiz do the work and find the best races and the best horses for consistent results

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Punting returns can outperform many of the more traditional investment avenues and, success will come when you treat this just like a business and take a professional approach.  Download your eBook today and learn how this works.

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If you are passionate about punting, RaceBiz are the team to JOIN.

Use our team’s expertise and let us spend the time analysing the form and watching race replays, so you can get your selections in the chosen races and race meetings with most of the work already done.

Perfect for time poor punters.

Profit On Turnover


Daily Result for Saturday 7 December 2019.

Percentage Punting in 8 Chosen Races.

Total Possible Outlay $631.    Profit $388

Market 90%.

Betfair Odds.

Profit On Turnover


Monthly Result for November 2019 (seven tipping days).

Percentage Punting in 8 Chosen Races.

Total outlay $4146.  Profit $1419.

Average Outlay $100/race.

Market 90%

Betfair Odds. 

Profit On Turnover


Cumulative Result 25 May 2019 to 7 December 2019.

Percentage punting in 8 Chosen Races. 

Total Outlay $21406.  Profit $6947.

Average outlay $100/race.

Market 90%

Betfair Odds.

RaceBiz Membership Packages include Assessed Odds, Exotics, Quick Picks and More.

Racebiz PRO is a subscription package for tips and selections on Saturday’s racing plus selected public holidays.  Monthly, quarterly or annually.

There are up to four race meetings selected,  and all horses in each of the races will  have assessed odds as determined by the Racebiz tipster.

Included with these odds are the calculated amounts to back each horse for Dutch Betting or percentage punting strategy, plus the ability for the punter to include their own tote odds to determine which horses are value bets.  Based on amount to win chosen by the punter.


Friday (by 11am Brisbane time) the selection sheet with the chosen race meetings and races is available in the member’s area in EXCEL spreadsheet format.  This allows early review by the members and the ability to customise the selections to fit their punting strategy.

Saturday (around 11am Brisbane time) the finalised selection sheet is available in the member’s area.  Updates to the races after scratchings, plus Quick Picks (the top four horses in the race have an asterisk) and late Money Mover information (M/O next to the horses).

Also included in RaceBiz PRO 

Quick Picks selections are indicated on each race by an asterisk next to the horse’s information.  This information is included for all races in the race meetings chosen across Australia and New Zealand.

Win rate percentage runs at around 65% with good results for Quinellas, Trifectas and F4.

EXOTICS can be determined from a combination of information in the assessed odds races, quick picks and money movers.

Money Movers – these are not tips but information to show punters where the markets are going.    As part of RaceBiz PRO package this information is included on Saturday mornings. 

All RaceBiz PRO members also have access to RaceBiz Accelerator on Wednesday as well.

The RaceBiz team are passionate about our members and, if necessary, will teach strategies and how to use the information provided so that our members are consistently winning and growing their bank.are 

DAILY PACKAGE includes Money Movers and Quick Picks.

Money Movers – these are not tips but information to show punters where the markets are going.    

Quick Picks selections have four tips per race with no assessed odds, with up to six race meetings on a Wednesday and Saturday. 

Race Meetings chosen across Australia and New Zealand.

This package is available: Wednesday and Saturday each week.

Average Win rate percentage runs at 65% with good results for Quinellas, Trifectas and F4.

So, are you heading to the races for the day and not sure who to back?  Do you like to have a punt at the pub with your mates but work and family commitments mean you don’t get time on a regular basis?  Then you can just grab RaceBiz Accelerator for a day when needed.