Key races on a Wednesday and Saturday with:

  • Best Bets and Value Bets
  • Up to 8 Rated races from major meetings
  • Money Movers
  • Top 20 races for the week
  • Exotics

The new Excel format will allow  members to enter the ACTUAL ODDS they can get on the tote for each horse, will calculate recommended outlay and, at the end of the race will calculate the profit.


PLUS.  Exclusive access to the Members Only Facebook Group where you have access to Racing Reviews, early Money Movers and the chance to chat with the team and RaceBiz PRO members.

Be part of the RaceBiz community and share your thoughts and insights, and get to know fellow punters.

Be on the inside track with winning horse racing tips from RaceBiz.

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 PROVEN horse racing tipping selections with a demonstrated ROI high than industry average.
EXCLUSIVE members only group for ongoing support, insights and bonuses.
EDUCATIONAL tools and techniques to build the essential habits of betting discipline and money management.
COMPREHENSIVE horse racing information that adapts to suit any betting strategy.


What happens?

RaceBiz PRO members will receive their TIPPING SELECTIONS on WEDNESDAYS and SATURDAYS, plus selected public holidays and major race days.

BONUS:  On request, and subject to 48 hours notice, a special tipping selection will be prepared for members going to the races on days not covered by RaceBiz PRO.

In the excel spreadsheet format the Tipping selections will be available for download by members.  Sheet includes:  Best Bets of the day, up to 8 rated races, Top 20 for the week (some on Wednesday and some on Saturdya), Money Movers and Exotics.

Members are encouraged to join in the zoom discussion to ask questions, and offer their own insights and ideas.  Support and learnings are taken away from every session.

RaceBiz PRO selection sheet is available for members to login and access.  The spreadsheet format allows easy adjustments for the member’s own pricing and updates.  Selections include:  Best Bets of the Day, up to 8 rated races, Money Movers, Top 20 for the week, and Exotics.

In the private Facebook Members only group and via text, last minute update will be sent.  Members can book in at anytime to speak directly with Tim Wyatt, RaceBiz Tipster.

Preview the Tipping Selection Sheet

What does the horse racing tipping package look like?

RaceBiz PRO includes expertly analysed horse racing tipping information on both Wednesdays and Saturdays.

RaceBiz PRO is an EXCEL spreadsheet that allows punters to adjust their own tote odds to calculate outlay per horse per race.

The rated races selections will include ALL horses in the race.  The benefit for the members is that this allows ALL horses to be assessed by the members to a market price.  Included is a staking plan.

The Top 20 gives 1 to 3 horses per race in the best 20 races for the week.  Included is a rated price and staking plan.

Also included are up to six best bets, money mover information, and exotics.

Finding VALUE is key to any punting success.  With this selection sheet, members will be able to pinpoint and easily find horses that are assessed at a lower price than their price or the tote.  This is where the VALUE is found.

What you don't know is costing you a fortune....

Here’s a professional punter’s secret sauce

when it comes to doing the form.

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BONUS CONTENT:  The Golden Rules Tick System spreadsheet ready to enter your data and do your OWN from for each race.

EXTRA BONUS: Money Movers and Free Tips emailed to you five days a week.


Frequently Asked Questions

Login on the website with the user name and password you set up when purchasing.  Forgotten your password?  Use the button to reset.  Forgotten what user name you set up your account with?  Contact the team on 1300 RACEBIZ or email through the contact page on the website.

Once you have chosen your package there are no refunds.  If you wish to change your package at any stage just contact the RaceBiz team on 1300 RACEBIZ or via email on the contact page of the website.

There are articles and information available on the website and the team can be contacted on 1300 RACEBIZ or via email through the contact page on the website.

Members and non-members can subscribe to Racebiz’ email service.  Free tips are sent regularly between Wednesday and Sunday.  To join, fill out the sign up form below.  Also, follow RaceBiz on Twitter @RaceBizTim for Money On updates sent throughout the race day, usually about five minutes before a race.  Not all race, just those that have had significant money movements.