Horse Racing Tipping Results 28 September 2019 RaceBiz PRO

Highlights from today’s results:

RATED RACES:  8 races, average outlay $100 per race, Market 90%.  Total Possible Outlay = $619 , PROFIT FOR THE DAY $291.  Profit on Turnover (POT) 47%.

Quick Picks: 50 races for 30 winners and best value LITTLE AKIE $48.20 (Betfair).

RaceBiz PRO tipping package was launched late May, and in twelve Saturday’s of tipping so far the Profit on Turnover for the Rated Races is 39%.  See details on this graph:

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NB: Results reported are based on the outlays and horses backed by the RaceBiz team using Betfair as the platform.  Individual Member’s results may vary dependent on the race outlay chosen and tote odds on the platform the member is using.

Selection sheets are provided to RaceBiz PRO members in EXCEL spreadsheet format.  Information on the results pages is in pdf format.