Fathers Day Gift RaceBiz Accelerator Tips

What is in RaceBiz Accelerator?

Quick Picks

These selections offer four tips per race in five or six race meetings across Australia and New Zealand.  For each race meeting most of the card will be tipped.  Some races will be left out if it is considered that they are not good races to be betting in.   There is also one or two best bets for the day.

There are no assessed odds provided with these tips and suggestions for using these them include:  Dutch Betting (you will need to determine your own odds), flat staking, quinellas, trifectas and First Fours.  Compare the tips to how the money is flowing in the market by using the Money Movers information.

Money Movers

This is information for any races where there is money movements and MONEY ON in the market that could affect the odds and possibly the punter’s decision whether to back the horse or not.  These are not tips with assessed odds, simply reporting money movements to help our members choose their bets.

RaceBiz Accelerator Sunday 1 September 2019

[gview file=”https://racebiz.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/1st-September-Sunday-2019-RaceBiz-Accelerator.pdf”]


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