Profitable Quinella Betting

On average Quinella will pay 20% more than they should!

A Quinella requires the punter to select the first two horses across the line. As long as the two horses are in that position you don’t have to predict the finishing order.  If you wish to predict the finishing order it is called an “Exacta”.

Making 20% on a $10 payout will give you a $12 return, $100 means $120, $1000 means $1200. Finding value in every bet is the only way to stay ahead.

Win dividends that are expected to pay $10 usually pays 2% less ending up at $9.80.

So if the TAB is going to give you an extra $20 on a $100 bet, any smart minded punter would give up win betting and become a Quinella bettor: 20% bonus is better than a 2% loss.

Quinella betting techniques are not much different than win betting. You can still bet the rated prices, take the value and take multiple combinations. Just like Dutch betting but with a 20% better return.

20% of a Quinella pay under there expected odds when over 10/1 and 80% when under that expected pay out.

Small fields pay better and eliminating bad combinations is a must.

For example, two runners first up, only time that would differ is when two class runners are first up and rate well below their offered price and training by one of our leading trainers.


Caulfield Race9 / Tattsbet.

Example: No1 LIDARI, Rated price 6.50* No2 SIGNOFF Rated price 7.50*

Race Result Information
2   SIGNOFF 41.50 9.50  
1   LIDARI   4.40  
6   METAPHORICAL   2.90  
QN   1* 2 111.10  
EX   2* 1 247.30  
F4   2* 1* 6* 4 11120.00  
TF   2* 1* 6 2439.70  
A2   1* 2 15.10  
  2* 6 55.40  
  1* 6 23.40  


Very little form to work with, poor win % and runners that have not won at the distance. If they rate poorly as a combination, leaving them out as a combination will always give you a better end of day return. Below is a panel to show you how many combinations are available.

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